Seminar on the Book of Revelation by David Pawson

david pawson teaches the book of revelationI have found this to be some of the most insightful teaching on the book of Revelation, quite possibly the best ever in audio format. David Pawson has a unique teaching style, he is gifted to de-mystify the book and make it very palatable in just 11 sessions. I am going to offer them for listening here on the blog, please do not attempt to download onto your computer as this would be a violation of copyright:

Seminar 1

Seminar 2a

Seminar 2b

Seminar 3

Seminar 4

Seminar 5a

Seminar 5b

Seminar 6

Seminar 7

Seminar 8

Seminar 9

Seminar 10

Seminar 11


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7 responses to “Seminar on the Book of Revelation by David Pawson

  1. Fabian Hoo


    Is there is a resources or printout so it is easier to refer while hearing? (Seminar on Book of Revelation – David Pawson)

    God bless,

    • voiceoftherevolution


      First of all thank you both for visiting and commenting on this blog. Unfortunately, I currently do not have a printout. However if I do come across one, I will be sure to include it in the post and I will personally email you. All I can do for now is encourage you take notes while listening. David Pawson teaches in such a simplified way, he has primary and sub-points that are easy to pick out.



  2. mbonisi Ndebele

    pls l love to talk to Dr David l have samething l wan’t to know from him l have big broblem wish l need same one like him to tell me

  3. Juris

    Dear Daniel,

    I really want to study revelation book. My native language are not english and sometimes I don’t understand what is said. So I’d like to ask You: can You send me printout of this teaching?

    Many blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ,

  4. nathaniel fernandes

    david pawson has already made his teachings freely download at his official website So there isn’t any copyright violations to download.

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  6. Samuel S Rajan

    Dear Brother,
    I want the message ‘seminar on the book of revelation by David Pawson.The weblink for audio Seminar 8 is not working.
    Pls. help me to get the message mp3 audio download.
    Thank you,

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