1965 Prophecy by Stanley Frodsham at Elim Bible Institute

This is a really great prophecy given by a minister by the name of Stanley Frodsham in 1965. Apparently Stanley was a close friend of Smith Wigglesworth, I am sure that name sounds familiar, right? It is a warning against last days deception. The prophecy is quite long and instead of posting it here I am just going to add it here as a link below and also as a PDF file:

Stanley Frodsham Prophecy – Elim Bible Institute 1965 PDF



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3 responses to “1965 Prophecy by Stanley Frodsham at Elim Bible Institute

  1. Martin

    Wow,To bad Mel dont know that K.Hagin is the one who preached and taught the doctrine of devils called the faith only movement that is wide spread with such people as TD Jakes,Fred price, Oral roberts,Creflo Dollar.and TBN, and other charlatans on TV today with there phoney balony name it and claim it,seed faith,What a shame.

    • Kenneth Hagin had Word of Knowledge and got doctrine right. Ken Copeland leaned Hindu with his big faith to change the world. Satan tried to get compromised Christians to follow that. The Holy Spirit showed me the difference in the 1970’s. Doctrines of demons had nothing to do with “faith”; it is the delegated authority of the Holy Spirit. Any new convert can cast out demons from the first second.

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