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Does Noah’s Ark Exist Today? Historical Accounts Reveal it Did Exist in the First Century

Noah's Ark Exist Today and in the 1st CenturyMany people have wondered if Noah’s Ark is real what happened to it and where is it now? As I was doing a little bit of studying, I came across the following information recorded by a 1st century historian by the name of Josephus:

But when Monobazus was grown old, and saw that he had but a little time to live, he had a mind to come to the sight of his son before he died. So he sent for him, and embraced him after the most affectionate manner, and bestowed on him the country called Carra; it was a soil that bare amomum in great plenty: there are also in it the remains of that ark, wherein it is related that Noah escaped the deluge, and where they are still shown to such as are desirous to see them.

However, the Armenians call this place, (Apobaterion)  The Place of Descent; for the ark being saved in that place, its remains are shown there by the inhabitants to this day.

—Complete Works of Josephus

There you have it, not only was the ark around in the 1st century, but people were also allowed to view it and I have even heard that 1st century Christians took pilgrimages to view the Ark. I have posted this for no other reason than the hopes that someone out there will find this as interesting as I did.


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