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Thoughts on the 1960’s Woodstock Generation from a Biblical Worldview

woodstock generation bible perspectiveToday I watched a documentary on Woodstock, I began to think about that time. It was such a convergence, a pinnacle of so  many different things. First and foremost it was the beginnings of mass media, probably had not even been two decades since TV’s showed up in the majority of American homes. Then you had the race issue, slavery had been abolished for almost 100 years, yet civil rights in America still remained a much neglected issue. Then of course you had the Vietnam war, the injustices, the politics of it, the many deaths of our young men. Probably one of the heaviest influences of this period and arguably the most destructive, was the rock n roll music that became widely prevalent. The music started off in the 50’s with the likes of Elvis Priestly and by the late 60’s the genre had exponentially exploded throughout the youth culture. Could anything have been more instrumental in drastically changing the values of the country in such a short time span? If so you tell me what it is, perhaps it was this combined with communist, left wing ideology shoved down the throats of college students all across the country. Perhaps it was in the 1960’s that we as a nation received our first taste of the results of mass media, the results of what happens when bad ideas spread rapidly throughout a culture. The music promoted and encouraged drug use, particularly psychedelics. Talk about an escape from reality, entering into a “trip”, is the fastest way to open yourself up to deception. As much as these people thought that they were freeing their mind, they were actually bringing it further away from freedom and into the prison of a false reality. In one generation Satan managed to widen the generation gap and steal the youth of a nation from the authority of their parents. Perhaps his philosophy was destroy the family unit, destroy the nation, well if it was his strategy, it was successful. It was successful in the sense that the actions of our parents then and the choices made then are evident in the reality of what we have now. God’s Word says that we reap what we sow and if they sowed the wind then they are reaping the whirlwind. The level of rebelliousness of kids today, would have been off the charts in their time. Thank God for the many who were saved out of that culture through such means as the “Jesus People” movement. Thank God that while many perished, many also had the gospel preached to them.

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