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Thank You God That It Was Just a Dream

I had a dream that I was in prison, it was like hell. I some how knew that while I was in this prison I would not be just serving a life sentence, but this was going to be eternal. As I was being taken away I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I was going to prison unjustly. I felt as though the punishment was totally undeserved, I didn’t deserve to go here. It was pure terror to realize that I was going to spend an eternity in this environment, “I don’t deserve this, this isn’t fair.” What a relief it was to wake up and realize that I can still worship God to realize that I am not in prison, but that I have been given the free gift of Life Eternal. For me it was ok, it was just a really bad dream, however for a multitude of uninformed and spiritually blind people it will one day be a reality. The end will come and they will be carried off to eternal damnation and all of them will be screaming, “I DON’T DESERVE THIS”, “THIS IS NOT FAIR, NO ONE EVER TOLD ME THIS WOULD HAPPEN!”, “I AM NOT GUILTY”. These will not be as fortunate as I was this morning to wake up and realize that it was just a dream. These will not be like me and once again praise their God and feel his closeness. They will not know joy any longer only sorrow, they will not know peace anymore only torment. PEOPLE IF YOU ARE READING THIS IT IS NOT TOO LATE! “REPENT!” “TURN AWAY FROM SIN!”. There is still time, grace is still being poured out like rain, favor, power is available to us from on high. The language of the gospel is “whosoever will” come and bow down before our glorious King. He or she who will put the name of Jesus on their lips as Lord can be saved! The pleasures of sin last for only a season, but the pleasure of knowing God last unto eternity! The life that is inside of me is better then any high, any drug any pleasure of this world, to get it I had to give up everything! But it was worth it!

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