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The Antichrist Government Can be Formed Overnight

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Voice of Revolution Online Magazine

I am recommending this online resource. It is called Voice of Revolution. I know it sounds just like the name of my blog, however the editor Marcus French came up with the name of this site at the exact same time that I came up with the name of my blog. We discovered each others site and learned that we had both at almost the exact same time frame, named our sites with almost identical names. I have the word “the” before revolution. Needless to say that it is not just a common name that we share it is also a common heart and that is to see restoration in the body of Christ and “righteous” revolution manifest upon the earth:


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Obama the Messiah and My Dream that McCain Won the Election

The Scriptures tell us that in the last days that many false Messiah’s would rise up and deceive many. Well we have seen this phenomenon on several fronts already, however now it can be seen on the political front. Not just any political front but it is in the race for the highest elected office in the world, the president of the United States of America. There are millions of people who are actually looking at Barack Obama as a Messiah type figure who will deliver them from both external and internal problems and conflicts in their life. Film director Spike Lee was actually quoted saying:

“When that happens, it will change everything. … You’ll have to measure time by `Before Obama’ and `After Obama,'” Lee said during the panel. “It’s an exciting time to be alive now.” …   – Spike Lee

Can we fathom how blasphemous of a statement this actually is. Currently it is the incarnation and death of Jesus on the cross that measures time from B.C. to A.D. Is Spike really implying that he wants to replace Jesus Christ with Barack Obama. Probably 40 or 50 years ago no one in American would have believed that a multitude of American people would ever worship any earthly man as a god. However in the 1960’s & 70’s Hindu gurus from India began invading and setting up shop here in America. Multitudes dogmatically followed and devoted their entire lives to these so called “godmen”. Even mainstream icons such as the Beatles began to follow and promote one such leader, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. You must understand that a large segment of that culture in the late 1960’s looked at men like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, not just as a great teacher or philosopher, but as a bona fide god in the flesh. In India they follow these men around and worship the ground that they walk on, literally by kissing the ground and rubbing themselves with the dirt that just touched these men’s feet. To be honest I do not think that a majority of Obama’s supporters look at him as a savior, however the fact that there is a counterculture that is ready to embrace him as such is shocking and even frightening. On the website ObamaMessiah.blogspot.com, 100’s of pages of comments have been left, some referring to supporters of Obama as believers and his non supporters as unbelievers. Louis Farrakhan, before a very numerous congregation claimed that the youth are now hearing the voice of their Messiah(video below). Furthermore he called Obama “the Hope of the entire world”.  Yes, the days spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24 are no longer just on the horizon they are here! Am I trying to say in this article that Obama is the Antichrist? ….Absolutely not!!! However what I am saying is that the people of America are ready to embrace a man or even a political leader as being a Messiah.

On another note, I had a dream about a week ago that John McCain won the election. In the dream after he won, I saw Obama and let’s just say that he was not too happy with the results. In the dream he was fuming with anger. I do not necessarily think that this was a prophetic dream, however it will be interesting if this is the scenario that plays out.

Obama Messiah?

Obama Messiah?


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No More Clergy and Laity Distinctions (from April 12th, 2008)

The apostate branch of Christianity, the Catholic Church came into a form and an institution around the time of Constantine. Some would argue that the Catholic Church has always been instituted since right after the Ascension. It is true, an apostate Christianity was propagated almost immediately after the time of the Ascension. In the book of I John, John is teaching against the gnostic heresy’s that had already infiltrated the church. Once the Catholic Church came to power the clergy system came into play immediately. The clergy & laity doctrine is older than the Gospels. It is simply the doctrine or belief that one class of people, a higher class, shall rule over the lower class of people. This demonic teaching was taught by Greek philosophers, whose philosophy has shaped even the present culture we live in today. Socrates taught that the only people capable of ruling or leading were philosophers. This was hypocritical of him however because many times he was asked to become a politician and he would decline. This same demonic heresy was responsible for the holocaust. The Nazi’s believed in the Aryan Race teaching. The belief that there was a superior race and class of people who should rise up and dominate the half breeds and sub-humans(The Jews). Jesus confronted this doctrine post Ascension in the book of Revelation’s seven letters to the seven churches, when he talked about the doctrine of the Nicolaitans.

The root of the word Nicolaitans comes from Greek:

nikao, to conquer or overcome, and

laos, which means common people and which the word laity comes from.

So the two words together Nicolaitans means to conquer over or rule over the common people. Jesus hated this doctrine….

Revelation 2:6

‘Yet this you do have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

….and he rebuked those who held to the false teaching and told them they should repent:

Revelation 2:15016

15’So you also have some who in the same way hold the teaching of the Nicolaitans.

16’Therefore repent; or else I am coming to you quickly, and I will make war against them with the sword of My mouth.

So someone please tell me why did this get lost in the reformation!!! We need a new reformation, better yet we need a REVOLUTION!!! We have cloned the Catholic religious system, yet we call ourselves protestants the only difference is that the Catholics have their one pope and we have many popes. We have men who sit up in the pulpit, with their high and lofty titles and positions, trying to take the place of Jesus by becoming a mediator between God and the people.

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